Recently, I have gotten many requests for CC Gluten Freed, OWN IT bracelets.   People order them for themselves, their family members and for support groups or relevant gluten free clubs and organizations.  You can order them here!

A core value of CC Gluten Freed is “taking ownership” of one’s health.  Food is social by nature.  Thus, being gluten free requires engaging with others and speaking up about your dietary needs.  For example, there will be times when you hold up your entire table’s order because a waiter doesn’t understand your questions.

To avoid unwanted attention, you may find yourself thinking: “I’ll just risk it.”

This is what CC Gluten Freed hopes to change.  Instead of taking that risk, just OWN IT.  Be proud of who you are and your ability to manage Celiac Disease.
You have been dealt a challenging hand. CC Gluten Freed provides tools to help you handle it gracefully.  With patience and practice, managing Celiac Disease will become easier and, before you know it,
you will want to OWN IT.

20 bracelets for $16         40 bracelets for $28            60 bracelets for $43


3 Responses to “Bracelets”

  1. Sai July 13, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

    I am all in favor of new gluten free pudrocts on the market, yet I don’t jump for joy when pudrocts that aren’t good for you to begin with are made into gluten free options. The amount of sodium and preservatives in Hamburger Helper do not make it a healthy meal for families. Although it is quick, there are much better options. We are a nation where this generation of children have the dubious distinction of being the first generation that may not outlive their parents. Obesity and Diabetes are on the rise, and it is time to look at the American diet and see what we can do to make changes. A beautiful tossed salad with vegetables and a grilled chicken breast makes a great healthy meal in as much time as it takes to make Hamburger Helper. And if it is noodles you crave, a simple olive oil and tomatoes base with fresh basil can be a wonderful addition to the dinner menu.Let’s encourage food manufacturers to continue to make gluten free foods, but let’s make sure we are not eating junk that won’t help our bodies fight disease.


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