What you can expect from Cc Gluten Freed

11 Nov

This blog is both a personal narrative and a source of information and support for people living the gluten free lifestyle.

First, a little bit about me: my name is Cc Bonaduce and I have been gluten free since 2008.  Though I am still a relatively young Celiac, only 3 years since I was diagnosed, I have learned so much about the gluten free lifestyle by being active in the community.  I began volunteering for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness shortly after my diagnosis.  I have met and learned from so many gluten free people. Hearing their stories and reading many of the gluten free blogs out there, I realized our gluten free community needs to hear more about the social factors associated with the gluten free diet.  For me, the biggest challenge I face is learning how to effectively advocate for myself.  I wanted to create a blog dedicated to describing how I continue to find ways to be an advocate and, hopefully, inspire readers to feel that they can do the same.

Have you ever gotten wrong information from waitstaff at a restaurant or experienced cross-contamination despite your best efforts to be clear with the chef?  Despite being a veteran gluten free-er and activist in the gluten free community, I still struggle to dine safely.  I started taking actions to correct this problem: every time I have a bad experience at a restaurant I write a letter (yes, snail mail) to both the manager and owner of the restaurant in question explaining what went wrong and why it matters.  On Cc Gluten Freed you will have access to the letters I have sent in the past, what went wrong initially and how to avoid it in the future and more general letter templates that you can use if you have a bad experience at a restaurant.

I find that most of the gluten free literature out there neglects the social implications of the gluten free diet.  One of the greatest challenges of being gluten free is learning to navigate the nongluten free world.  Two simple facts: most social events center around food and most foods contain gluten. This is our reality. How do you, as a gluten free person, navigate these complicated social situations? Birthday parties, professional lunch meetings, conferences, sleepovers, Superbowl parties, dinner parties and the like all require special accommodations for gluten free diners. This blog has personal stories about these situations and how I dealt with them.

In addition, Cc Gluten Freed will review restaurants and products.  Being gluten free becomes much easier when you have a source you can trust telling you what products are great and worth your time.  I will also post recipes that I come across over time that I think other GF people should try out!

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2 Responses to “What you can expect from Cc Gluten Freed”

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  2. Cathy DeFini November 30, 2011 at 4:34 am #

    Hi My Name is Cathy I am 39 yrs old and I have Celiac Disease .I have had it for almost 4 years now,and I went undiagnosed for about 10 years. I am not 100 percent feeling better at all every day is a struggle for me from the time I get up to the time I go to bed,I have Migraines,Cramps,Stomach issues,Diarrhea,Bloating,I have RA as wellas a result of my Celiac I am extremly fatigued and on a lot of meds as well.I have to prepare all of my meals in a Safe Clean un contaminated envoirment which is hard to do when my family is not eating GF I must keep my Expensive GF Foods Seperate from theirs to avoid Cross contamination or I will get very sick,I have to have seperate Cutting Boards,Knives,Colanders,Utensils,Pans,Toasters and even seperate condiments in the fridge from theirs.Gone are the days of going out to eat pretty much ,to someones house for dinner,a Backyard BBQ,a Picnic,Simple things I once enjoyed that I used to take for granted must now be well thought out with lots of planning if I attend this events as I must either Eat Before I go,Bring a few dishes I know I can eat,Or Just Avoid going to the function at all!!!! I feel that most people pretend to understand US Celiacs but they do not really get it ! We are not just really Allergic to just wheat,Barley, Oats,I mean face it Every Culture in the world Celebrates With Food and how do you Avoid that?! Not too mention How Very Expensive GF Eating is ?! I made GF Stuffing for Thanksgiving this year it cost me $15 by time I had all the ingredients I needed and by the time it was done the serving size did not even compare to your typical box of Stove Top Stuffing for like what $1.99 ?? I can’t Afford to eat !!! But than I also can’t afford to be sick either,I hope one day they find a cure for this disease because I feel like I am starving my insides and I am being deprived of one of the whole food groups , not too mention I have to watch what kind of Soaps I use shampoos,lotions, make up I can’t lick an Envelope, I can not even take Communion at Church how much worse can it get ?!

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