A Little Bit About…

30 Nov

Cc Gluten Freed is a blog dedicated to stream lining the gluten free lifestyle.  This blog provides readers with insights into the social implications of the gluten free diet, reviews restaurants and products and features gluten free recipes.

Unlike other gluten free blogs, Cc Gluten Freed highlights ways that you can make a difference in the gluten free community. On this site, you will find sample letters to restaurant managers and owners that have successfully changed several restaurants across the country.

In addition to promoting and providing tools for activism, this blog aims to provide readers with a guide for navigating a gluten-filled world.  The complex social implications of the gluten free diet are not easy to manage on your own.  This blog seeks to eliminate the need to learn by trial and error and provides nuanced advice about how to successfully be gluten free in any and all situations.

Cc Gluten Freed seeks to empower readers to take control and take ownership of their lifestyle. It is time to put your health first and learn how to effectively advocate for yourself.  Cc Gluten Freed should serve as both a source of information and inspiration because all of the information found here is based on the true life of Cc and her journey to being a gluten free activist.



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