Cc’s GF Holiday Gift Ideas

5 Dec

The GF blogosphere is well stocked with gift ideas!  Most of what I have read advises that people put together gluten free food gift baskets for their GF friends and family, either by baking GF goodies, buying GF goodies or finding premade GF gift baskets online.  While this will show that you went out of your way to get a gift and demonstrate that you understand your Celiac friend’s needs, I advise against this approach.  Why?

1. It’s a stressful gift – I am so touched when my friends bake gluten free for me but I also have a residual and unrelenting fear that they may have chosen incorrect ingredients or cross-contaminated while using their kitchen.  I don’t want to ask a million questions about how and where they baked the goodie, I mean, it is a gift after all!  If the gift is a bought/packaged food product, I can always read the label but I still feel nervous about trying new products.

2. Uncertainty of quality – When you buy premade food gift baskets, there is a chance that not all of this company’s products are  very good. Why take the risk?

3. Creatures of habit – most Celiacs I know, myself included, are creatures of habit.  We know what we like and what is safe and like to just stick to those products.   I am always willing to try new things but I like to do so at my own pace and only after I have the chance to do some research on whatever the new food or product is.

Of course, these 3 factors probably do not apply to everyone so if your heart is set on baking or buying GF goods don’t scratch it off your list per se!  These are just some things I think you should consider before buying a gift for a GF buddy.

Here are my 2011 Holiday GF Gift Suggestions for various types of GF people (coworkers, family members, friends, parents etc)!

For a coworker: A mouse pad for the office is a great and professional gift you can give to a GF coworker that will definitely make them smile.  You can order one online from Zazzle.  Here is the link for this GF mousepad

Stocking Stuffers: This is a very cute little magnet that inverts the “FG” of the alphabet to say “GF”
Click here to see where you can order this magnet.
Triumph dining cards make dining gluten free much simpler.  These cards explain the dietary needs of a Celiac in multiple languages so that you can safely eat any type of cuisine.  These cards are equally useful for new and seasoned Celiacs.
Click here for ordering information for triumph dining cards.
Toaster bags are a must for Celiacs sharing a kitchen with non-gluten free people.  These sleeves protect GF bread from cross-contamination in the toaster.  Personally, my toaster is designated gluten free but not everyone has this luxury.  This is a great small gift for someone heading off to college, living with roommates for the first time.
Click here for ordering information for toaster bags.
For any GF person: Great coffee mug, one of’s many great GF logo creations.  Check out their website for ordering information and browse around for other GF coffee mug designs.

This license plate frame is a great gift for a gluten free friend!  It is something that your GF friends probably haven’t come across before and is a great way to spread awareness.  Click here for ordering information.

For your friend with the GF kid: this shirt is very cute and practical.  Make sure your friend’s kid is young enough that they won’t be embarrassed by this shirt!  I bet this will save a lot of moms and dads from worrying when their super young Celiac heads out for their first sleepover.
Click here for ordering information!
Gluten Free Parents: Although my dad does not have Celiacs, he adheres to a strict gluten free diet just to be supportive.  If you have a parent like this I am sure they would be touched by this gift (I know my dad was)!
Click here to order for a GF Mom.      Click here to order for a GF Dad.
For your friend who loves to bake: These are cupcake holders that say “gluten free” on them.  This is a great gift for anyone who loves to bake.  For example, one of my best friends is not Celiac but loves to bake gluten free (for me!) and I know this gift would not only be fun and cute but downright practical.  I know that whenever I bake and bring cupcakes to a party I always put a sign out so that people know they are GF, with these cupcake holders I won’t need to do that anymore.
Click here for ordering information.
Have a great and gluten free Holiday season!

2 Responses to “Cc’s GF Holiday Gift Ideas”

  1. Erin S. December 5, 2011 at 6:15 pm #

    Thanks for sharing some of the great products available from Gluten-Free Boutique!

  2. eileen December 6, 2011 at 7:26 am #

    Thanks for the great ideas!

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